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Fly-tipping at Langton Green Recreation Ground

By Katie Neve Speldhurst Parish Council

Friday, 26 November 2021


Speldhurst Parish Council Contributor


This year, we have noted an increasing amount of fly-tipped rubbish at Langton Green Recreation Ground. As you might know, this is parish-council owned land, which we work hard to maintain. But what you might not have thought of, is that the continued costs of fly-tipped waste disposal could ultimately force us to increase the yearly precept that residents pay. We are, of course, aware that households are already feeling the effects of having to pay higher fuel bills and living expenses. So, we want to do everything we can to avoid spending public money on getting rid of fly-tipped waste.

Together with the danger it presents to the public and wildlife, fly-tipping is a criminal offence. If convicted, Fly-tippers can be given unlimited fines or even a prison sentence. It is worth noting that with CCTV cameras installed around the recreation ground, there is a chance that we will eventually be able to identify an individual or their vehicle.

While we appreciate that most residents in Speldhurst parish would not dream of dumping waste, we do ask you to be vigilant and tell us about any fly-tipping you see on Langton Green Recreation Ground. To report fly-tipping around the rest of the parish, visit the TWBC reporting page.

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