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MP, County & Borough Councillors

Member of Parliament

Greg Clark

Greg Clark was re-elected as an MP for the Conservative Party serving Tunbridge Wells constituency in December 2019. He runs regular advice surgeries in Speldhurst Parish, which we advertise on our News Page. Visit Greg's website to find out how you can contact him.

County & Borough Councillors

We work closely with the County and Borough Councillors elected to serve the Speldhurst Parish villages of Ashurst, Langton Green, Old Groombridge and Speldhurst. You can read more about them below, or why not attend one of our Full Council Meetings and meet them in person? 

County Councillor

James McInroy

James McInroy is a Kent County Councillor for the Conservative Party in Tunbridge Wells, serving the West Tunbridge Wells division. He is also KCC's Deputy Cabinet Member for Economic Development. You can read about James in more detail here.

Borough Councillors

Harry Allen

Details to follow.

Lucy Willis

Lucy was elected as a Borough Councillor for the Tunbridge Wells Alliance, serving the Speldhurst and Bidborough Ward in May 2019. You can read about Lucy in more detail here.

There is currently one vacancy which we will update you on as soon as it is filled.