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Update on Langton Road and Bullingstone Lane Works

By Mr Chris May Speldhurst Parish Council

Wednesday, 9 October 2019


Speldhurst Parish Council Contributor


For anyone concerned about more temporary traffic lights, a hole in the hedge and heavy machinery being stored in the field on Langton Road, we have now spoken to the Contractors, who have explained that this is part of ongoing water mains renewal work on and around Bullingtone Lane (see our recent news alert for more details). They are making the field area ready to act as a compound which will be used by Southern Water for storing parts and to accomodate large vehicles. These would otherwise have to turn and park on the road.

Southern Water have leased the field from the farmer, and although timescales are not confirmed, it will be returned to its original state after work is completed. While the temporary traffic lights were necessary when the gap in the hedge was being made and the ground levelled out, they are no longer in use and will be removed in the next few days. We understand the emphasis is on keeping machinery off the road and protecting wildlife. The black low level plastic fence is to prevent Great Crested Newts entering the site - as is the metal gully which has been placed in the entry. The chicken wire is to stop livestock and other animals getting in.

For more information, please contact Southern Water

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