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Councillor Millie Woodliffe

Councillor Millie Woodliffe was co-opted to Speldhurst Parish Council in May 2018 and elected in May 2019. She is a member of the Finance, Amenities and Highways Committees, and a member of the Pavilion Management Working Group.

Millie grew up in Nigeria and has lived in England since 1995, settling in Langton Green with her husband and two sons in 2008.  She works full time in the City as a Project Manager.

A desire to engage children in outdoor activities, and encourage them to embrace sports whilst improving their social skills led Millie to become involved in Langton Green football club. This motivation also informs her role as a Parish Councillor, and she is committed to representing the developing interests of our parish’s younger generation.

You can contact Millie via the Clerk and view her Notification Form here.